Quanam was granted Hortonworks Data Platform Certification

Hortonworks Partnership

Quanam never stops our business strategy of making progress in Business Analytics, by being certified in BigData platforms of worldwide leaders. 

Recently, Quanam was awarded Hortonworks Data Platform certification. This meant meeting the requirements for establishing a partnership with this company. Hortonworks is one of the leading BigData platform suppliers, whose components are based on open code.

This knowledge allows Quanam to offer our clients solutions with greater added value, by integrating structured, non-structured and semi-structured information to their decision-making processes as well as several sources of information (Internet of Things, Social Networks, etc.) to their analysis, which in turn, strengthen their business value.

What is Hortonworks Data Platform?

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)is a platform designed, developed and built entirely as open source, which provides companies with a data platform ready to be used. This allows organizations to adopt a Modern Data Architecture Model.

With YARN in its architectural core, this platform is available for multiple workloads through a series of processing methods  and whose scope includes Governance, Security, and Operations. Processing methods may range from batch to real time production, given the key capabilities derived from a company’s data platform.

Hortonworks belongs to  ODPi (Open Data Platform initiative) consortium.

What does Hortonworks Data Platform include?

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) provides Companies with Hadoop: a centralized architecture for the core services of a company, for any kind of applications and data. HDP is completely open:

• HDP incorporates all the necessary elements of a company’s data platform: storage, access to data, governance, security and operations.

• All components are developed in open source and subject to rigorous testing, certified and delivered as an integrated open source platform, easy to consume and us.