Quanam was given the ICT Service Exports Award


On December 2nd, at KIBON premises, AVANZA, the Bank Republic together with the Exporters Union of Uruguay hosted the ceremony of Exporting Efforts Distinctions 2015, with the aim of recognizing, promoting and spreading information on the effort and accomplishments of the export sector. 

Quanam was given the Recognition for Exports Effort award in the ICT line of business, based on market diversification and major exporting turnover. The prize was received by Engineer Víctor Ganón, founding partner of Quanam.

There were common indicators to the sectors of ICT, Tourism and logistics and particular ones were defined for each of them, in order to have a wide evaluation scope to assess every company that had applied. The assessment of the exported amount, as well as the effort to have penetrated new markets, were highly relevant elements for the evaluating committee. 

The event and recognition are supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, Uruguay XXI- Smart Service, the Uruguayan Chamber of IT and the National Institute of Logistics. There is another recognition, which was earlier established, granted to exporters of goods, given that both sectors contribute to maintaining and increasing the trade flow of the country.

On Quanam
Quanam is a federation of companies whose objectives are innovation and knowledge. It consists of companies specialized in professional consultancy and management services. Our most more valuable capital is the intelligent union of more than 300 specialists. It has been in the market for more than 37 years and acquired a long experience in exporting services to more than 25 countries of Europe and the Americas. 
Quanam began exporting professional services in 1985 and has offices in several cities of Latin America, providing support to leading companies in diverse industries and government.