Quanam Mexico at Government Innovation Summit


Oracle and their business partners have recently organized the 2015 Government Innovation Summit, where Quanam participated as sponsor. It was a very important forum which reunited Government agencies, and institutions. 

There were presentations on governmental institution’s undertakings, while solutions, challenges and initiatives illustrated how Oracle and their Partners’ Ecosystem have helped more than 1,500 organizations face their challenges and help them meet their missions: Streamlining Governmental Processes, Financial Planning and Management, Transformation of Government Services Delivery and Modernization of the I.T. Infrastructure in the Public Sector.

Governmental institutions and public administrations are being transformed in order to meet citizens’ increasing demands, comply with law and regulations as well as responding to political and economic pressures.

Government agencies need to become more productive, offer quicker responses and collaborate among them while providing Uruguayans with services and information in an efficient and timely manner.  

In this forum, Quanam also presented our services and propositions focused on the new public administration and its government management:
•GRP for Public Resources Administration (Government Resource Planning)
•Government Accountancy and Accounting Harmonization 
•Budget Monitoring and Financial Transparency 
•Information Security 
•Human Resources and Payroll 
•Project Management and Execution for Public Education