Mexican PeopleSoft Payroll setup

Quanam Mexico

Siemens Mexico is part of a worldwide conglomerate with companies in more than 190 countries and more than 400 thousand collaborators in the world. Ever since it was founded, more tan 165 years ago, when it was run by Werner von Siemens, the company has made sustainable contributions worldwide with safe and innovative solutions and services for strategic areas in industry, infrastructure, power and health.

Siemens requires a permanent functional support for PeopleSoft Payroll application which has already been implemented in Mexico. Together with Siemens, Quanam set up the Mexican PeopleSoft Payroll and provided them with support during the testing and launching stages. Also, Quanam developed their interfaces with other systems such as banking, accounting, and taxes, among others.

At present, and as a result of this project, we provide Mexico, Argentina and the U.S.A. with support for PeopleSoft Payroll.