Launched version 9.0 of  IBM i2

Quanam Brasil, Ação and IBM

Quanam Brazil together with our Partner IBM and Ação Informática nationally promoted and launched the new generation of IBM i2 solutions.The events took place in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Pablo, at Acadepol (Police City) and Ação Informática, respectively.

Among the guests, there were customers and professionals from the public and the private sector, from the business and IT areas with the aim of updating knowledge and learn further on solutions dealing with prevention, money laundry, investigation and fraud.

Filipe Ferreira, Manager of Intelligence and Investigation Solutions of Quanam, presented the new functionalities of intelligence, investigation and fraud prevention previously presented at " IBM i2 Summit for a Safer Planet”, in Washington D.C, the U.S.A., in September 2015. Special emphasis was made on the new version of IBM i2 (9.0), as well as the solutions developed by Quanam’s experts for Analyst Notebook (ANB), ), i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) and IBM Counter Fraud Management (CFM). 

Also, a case study of Quanam’s expertise was presented. It was the implementation of IBM i2 and IBM SPSS at ConectCar, a company of Grupo Ipiranga. 

Quanam and our Partners were highly satisfied with the results obtained at these reunions and have planned new events for 2016 both in Sao Pablo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as in other regions of Brazil.   

The presentation was fully recorded and will be shortly available on the web.