Internal innovation at Quanam

Quanam Design Thinking

Quanam, a company of knowledge and innovation, conducts several activities whose primary objective is to promote internal innovation and strengthen our specialists’ expertise to help our customers innovate.

On April 8th, an internal workshop called Quanam Design Thinking was carried out, based on the methodology of the School of Design at Stanford University. This method primarily focuses on the generation of new ideas which cater for users’ actual needs, and their target is understanding their requirements to find practical solutions for them.

This methodology is used by leading international companies for it is a major generator of innovation and it can be applied to any area such as the development of services or products or process development.

The workshop was attended by 23 consultants and managers of all sectors and was held in the events room at Quanam’s. 
Quanam through its Competitiveness and Innovation Services offers our customers the possibility of generating first knowledge. A means to the promotion of innovation is going through the experience of Quanam Corporate Design Thinking. 

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