IBM Safer Planet Business Partner Council


We are proud to announce that José Nordmann, our partner in charge of Quanam Brazil was invited to become a member of IBM Safer Planet Business Partner Council (SPBPC). SPBPC is a committee integrated by 50 members from all over the world, who have been chosen for their vision and a renown exert on security matters. 

They are all key people in the industry, on account of their leadership and competence. Nordmann is now part of a council that will be deepening insights, and thoroughly working on the improvement of more potent security tools against cyber crime and fraud.

Quanam is building an increasingly interactive and safer place for companies to cooperate, and stand ahead cyber threats. This is our first step towards a new generation of tools to combat crime and threats, profoundly convinced that José Nordmann has much to learn and give in this new challenge.

When corporate security is at stake, reliability, trust, and experience are crucial to striking a long term and mutually beneficial relationship. Reliability and trust are of essence to build strong, healthy ties, aiming at easy and efficient solutions, specially taking into account our customers’ needs. Experience refers to all the knowledge that will tailor solutions for our clients’ needs, catering for each and every particular situation. The more we know about security, the more certain you will be that any vulnerability problems will be efficiently solved.

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