BIM Implementation Event

Building tomorrow’s infrastructure today

Quanam has introduced two Autodesk products: Revit and Infraworks. The launch took place on July 28th, at a special function held in Quanam where more than 25 professionals, of several  public and private organizations, were invited.

Quanam helps clients improve their business management, in this case, the focus was on architecture and infrastructure works management. Giovanna De Agosto, B.A., Commercial Manager, opened the event with a brief presentation of the company and introduced the new area of Architecture and Infrastructure that provides BIM implementation services (Building Information Modeling) adapted to the needs of each company.

Next, cartographer Cristian Barria, Engineer of Regional Applications of Sonda Chile, lectured on BIM technology, its current implementation in the region, how it applies to infrastructure (Infraworks) and BIM for architecture and construction (Revit).

Revit is software based on a 3D intelligent model, which allows working on a real model, "as built”, during the pre-construction period and as long as the building stands. Additionally, Infraworks is extremely useful for managing and contextualizing big scale infrastructure models, and to generate proposals with particular attention to detail. Both products provide a comprehensive approach of projects, which can be analyzed in 7 dimensions:  the 3 spatial dimensions, plus time, cost, energetic and environmental dimensions.

Rounding off, some case studies were shown: a mega project for a flyover highway, more than 20 km long was built using this software and a project carried out at a Public School of Marindia town, in the Province of Canelones,  presented by Architect Juan Pablo Álvarez, Applications Engineer of Sonda Uruguay.

Quanam provides training services, and migration from CAD based technology to the new BIM paradigm, to achieve the benefits derived from this new technology: project completion on time and according to budget as well as reduction of works’ total cost, taking into account not only the cost and terms of the project but, mainly, the administration and maintenance of the building or infrastructure while on stand (50 years or more).

This is why several countries, including UK and Chile, have adopted BIM, incorporating government and corporately defined regulations.

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