Alliance between Quanam and CPA Ferrere

strengthens regional offer

Quanam and CPA Ferrere have recently signed an agreement to join efforts and multiply their offer of Analytical Intelligence solutions for local and regional clients.

Their wide experience in the business will give rise to synergies for the development of solutions. Additionally, there is the strength of their regional presence. Besides their headquarters in Uruguay, Quanam has offices in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, and CPA Ferrere in Paraguay and Bolivia. 

CPA Ferrere Analytical Intelligence team has wide experience in predictive and analytical modeling, database management, quantification and financial risk management. Among their customers there are leading financial firms and companies in the public sector of Uruguay. Their staff are trained to understand the trends and problems which affect customers' business and how companies can incorporate data analysis to their decision-making process to consolidate their strategy.  

Quanam’s Business Analytics area consists of more than 70 professionals, focused on making organizations more intelligent by transforming data in reliable information, implanting business solutions and applying innovation throughout the performance of the whole company. As a result, companies become more competitive. Business Analytics vision includes solutions of Business Intelligence, Master Data Management, Planning, Strategic Management, Predictive Modelling, Risk and Compliance, Campaign Management, Investigation and Fraud, Big Data and Cognitive I.T. Quanam has specialized in implanting this kind of business solutions for customers such as government agencies, and companies in the financial, telecommunications, and mining industries as well as tax revenue offices.

On October 21st, as a result of  this alliance, Quanam together with their Premier Business Partner IBM and CPA Ferrere organized the event Innovation that will transform your organization. On this occasion, Uruguayan specialists showed the new business solutions in terms of information analysis in an increasingly complex a globalized world. The event took place in the Golf Club and was attended by more than 160 participants, including customers of leading companies and organizations of the private and public sector.

On CPA Ferrere
CPA is one of the leading and most prestigious firms of professional services of the region. They have more than 450 members of personnel in their offices in Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Since 1996 they provide services in the areas of Accounting Outsourcing, Consultancy Services on Economics, Finance, Strategy, Human Capital, Technology, Taxes and Auditing. 
The firm focuses on understanding the scenario and needs of every customer in order to suggest practical responses which best meet their needs. The size of the organization and their range of services allow them to have specialists for each specific area of work and deal with tasks with a multidisciplinary approach, involving the most suitable professionals.

On Quanam
Quanam is a federation of companies specialized in the provision of professional consultancy and management services. Their most valuable capital is the intelligent union of more than 300 specialists. This human team, teamed with our own tools, methodologies and systems applied throughout the performance of the whole company, account for Quanam’s development of the best practices in consultancy and professional services for leading companies in our segment. 
Relying on a long trajectory in the market, since 1978, Quanam has been constantly innovating together with our partners and collaborators, aiming at our customers’ success and process’ improvement, by providing them with cutting-edge solutions and tools to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized economy.