ABC Capital

1st Oracle ERP Cloud Services Implementation

ABC Capital, Multiple Banking Institution set up in 2010, offers innovating and competitive products, which cover their customers’ needs focused on market segments such as Personal Loans, Investment for individuals, Corporate Banking and Mortgages.

ABC Capital had implemented Oracle E-Business Suite modules for accounting, accounts payable, fixed assets, accounts receivable and treasury, but there were opportunity areas such as:
Accounting key required a modification for the bank and to this end ERP needed to be re-implemented.
All the expense check management was manually made 
Assets were manually entered but were integrated with neither accounts payable nor purchases.
There was no purchase flow; everything was managed from accounts payable so there was no module for buyers to manage their operation.
The operation accounts receivable was manual, with no integration with the treasury to recognize income from deposits 
Invoices issued from the invoicing system had to be loaded again because there was no interface.
Budget control was kept outside the system on Excel spreadsheets.
There was general unawareness of the use of users’ reporting tools.

ABC involved users as if it were an on-premise project. This led to the conclusion that a standard software should be adopted and reinforced throughout the project.
ORACLE and QUANAM were selected and teamed efforts in the implementation process with shared responsibility. Versions were rapidly updated without the risk of going through an intermediate upgrade.

The results: an application meeting the needs of the organization was adopted and functionality increased. New modules were implemented, processes of all companies and locations of the organization were standardized and maintenance costs were reduced (Hardware and Application Support). 

This implementation is the first one of its kind in Mexico with successful results.